Tiny Steps Count, Too

About a year ago I made two entries in my journal related to where I wanted to be one year in the future – physically, occupationally, spiritually. I recently re-read those entries and this post is about the first one, written in early May 2017.

I had just completed the biggest academic achievement of my life – a 291 page master’s project which included the Operations Manual and protocols for every step and procedure in creating and running my business. Many questions reflected on how much progress I would accomplish toward making InnerVision TLC a reality: Would I still be working in a dead-end job? Will I be certified as a wellness coach? Will I learn to practice Reiki? Will I have written the RetireEase workshop curriculum? Where will I be living?

The last line of the entry says “It’s all up to me. I will if I decide I will.”

With springtime finally here, with new growth from the earth, with flowers starting to bloom and trees starting to show tiny leaf buds, the winter’s hibernation and deep work is done. It’s time to check in to see what is sprouting for InnerVision TLC.

I find I have to look pretty hard to see my progress, but though the microscope I discovered the following: I created a website I’m proud of; completed all requirements to be certified in both therapeutic recreation and wellness coaching; I identified and crafted a brand that’s clear and attractive to potential clients; figured out payment and banking processes; learned about the ins and outs of email list generating apps and sign-up forms; created a helpful opt-in piece, and recently (and most exciting!) I discovered a place where I can begin my practice in a space along side like-minded practitioners.

I may not have completed every task I set for myself, but each thing I’ve done has been a tiny step to where I want to be a year from now.

What every you call it – Big Plans, Goals, or an InnerVision – we each have desires, dreams, and hopes for our life. But we often forget that it takes many tiny steps to reach that place.

I believe that if we don’t recognize our tiny steps – even, or especially, if they don’t lead to something tangible (like acquiring new knowledge or a new skill) – we fail to give ourselves the credit we deserve. Sometimes simply getting out of bed warrants a round of applause!

What tiny steps are you taking? Take a moment, right now, to acknowledge your progress; I guarantee you’ll feel a sense of well-deserved accomplishment…


2 thoughts on “Tiny Steps Count, Too

  1. Tracy,
    I am very thankful for the opportunity to read this important message! Thank you! This is just what I needed to hear / read. I find it well timed and quite meaningful and motivating. It truly resignates with me and inspires me to pick up my pace of tiny steps. I know that taking time to list some of my tiny steps will help me to shift my perspective and pick up my forward momentum. Thank you for posting this today and congratulations on your accomplishments! -Leslie

    1. Hi Leslie!
      I’m grateful to hear that my words spoke to you at this time. It’s hard to remember all that we do, especially for ourselves; it’s easy to feel like we’re just spinning our wheels in the mud. I’m sure I left many things off my list, but taking the time to think back and reflect helps me to realize that building a business takes time. Here’s to your momentum 🙂 Best wishes,

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