Specialty Coaching

Calm Coaching

Experiencing overwhelm or stressful times? If you simply need to hear a calm voice, talk and really be heard, have your anxiety levels reduced, pull in the reins on your anxious thoughts – sign up for a Calm Coaching telephone call.  During our call, you can explore guided imagery, meditation, distance Reiki, or just be heard and understood without judgment.

For less than you’ll spend on take-out or delivery, discover the calm within when we chat.  Sessions are 15 minutes.

Before you schedule, let’s chat to see if this is what you may be looking for and what you’d like to experience. Click below.

Quit Smoking Coaching

Are you considering quitting smoking? Have you tried in the past? Used patches, quit cold turkey, even tried hypnosis? But just couldn’t shake the habit?

Have you ever tried getting help from a coach?

Anyone who has ever tried to overcome an addiction knows how hard it is. It seems to be the hardest thing EVER. And you try for a variety of reasons – your kids beg you to, your spouse or partner ask you to – they tell you it’s disgusting, that it’s unhealthy. You’re tired of taking smoke breaks as work. So, you try. And try. And try again.

You end up frustrated, disappointed in yourself and maybe even ashamed that you just can’t quit.  I know how difficult changing behaviors can be. I have studied theories of behavior change. As a health and wellness coach, I am trained to help you make the changes you desire.

Together, we can discover the underlying issue of why we hang on to unhealthy habits. AND then find alternate strategies to manage that issue (stress? anxiety? boredom? triggering environments?).

Weekly sessions are 30-45 minutes. No commitment required.