I'm working hard so you can retire with ease! Stay tuned.

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What you can expect from participating in the RetireEase! 6 week program:
The exciting RetireEase! program is for individuals who may be facing the transition to retirement with a little trepidation, or with a lot of enthusiasm, or both!

Whether retirement results in no employment, part-time employment, or entirely new ventures, it can be a tremendous transition for some. This phase of life is concerned with learning how to utilize free time, facing declining vitality and end-of-life issues, reevaluating priorities and the meaning of one’s life, and possibly even relocation.

It can also be an exciting time where one feels a freedom to learn new things, take on new challenges, develop a sense of inner peace, spend additional time with family, and discover new social networks.

RetireEase! is focused on specific tasks and interventions each of the 6 weeks.

As a participant you will:

  • learn how to set goals
  • learn about leisure opportunities
  • clarifying your life and leisure values
  • create a written plan for a leisure lifestyle in retirement
  • developing a sense of self in, and appreciation for, leisure

Activities include:

  • guided visualization
  • values exploration
  • leisure education
  • discussion-based meetings focused on exploring the implications of creating a leisure lifestyle in retirement

Research exists supporting individuals through transitions in later life that include values clarification and leisure education. The overall goal for this program is ensuring a sense of well-being and creating the highest quality of life possible during this often stressful but exciting time.

RetireEase! will also be offered as a one-day workshop through companies, businesses, and organizations.  You may be able to participate at no cost to you if your employer provides this program!

Disclaimer:  Clients of InnerVision Wellness LLC programming must be 18 years of age or older and have not had a diagnosis of severe mental disorder (e.g., schizophrenia, borderline personality, etc.), severely impaired cognitive ability (e.g., dementia, developmental disability, etc.), or severe physical disability that would require additional supports or health care needs not available at InnerVision Wellness LLC.