Coaching Pricing & Commitment

Coaching is an Investment

Change takes time and when working within a coaching relationship, three months is a good start – 12 weeks is thought to be an optimal time to begin instilling new behaviors, to begin changing the way you think, to plant the seeds for positive habits.

Wellness coaching with me at InnerVision Wellness LLC begins with a minimum 3 month Coaching Agreement and commitment.  Of course, you can continue longer if you value the experience that I’m providing.  But let’s start with 3 months.

Invest in yourself for $699*. 

Consider this an investment in your well-being ~ and you deserve all the well-being you can stand!

A 3 month agreement includes weekly meetings or phone calls for 12 weeks and personalized follow up emails.  Meetings/calls are generally 30-60 minutes.

Aren’t you ready to make change in your life?
Aren’t you tired of the way things have been for so long?

Say yes to yourself now!

Take the first step today and book a free Introduction to Coaching session to learn how you can live your best life and finally make change in your life.