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What you can expect from participating in the Optimize! 12 week program:
This program is designed to improve the lives of individuals experiencing or perceiving undue amounts of stress or imbalance in life – whether the stress and imbalance is derived from a work environment, interpersonal relationships, current coping skills, or cognitive distortions.

You can expect:

  • to learn stress reduction and management strategies
  • increased physical activity
  • increased leisure awareness and appreciation
  • improved communication skill
  • an exploration of what spirituality means to you
  • to create a vision for an achievable life in balance

Activities designed to meet these goals include stress and coping skills group classes, the practice of mindfulness and meditation, leisure appreciation activities, and leisure education aimed at improving interpersonal relationship skills. Research has shown that interventions such as these have been effective at reducing stress and improving health and vitality – all leading to increased well-being and quality of life for you.

Disclaimer:  Clients of InnerVision Wellness LLC programming must be 18 years of age or older and have not had a diagnosis of severe mental disorder (e.g., schizophrenia, borderline personality, etc.), severely impaired cognitive ability (e.g., dementia, developmental disability, etc.), or severe physical disability that would require additional supports or health care needs not available at InnerVision Wellness LLC.