Coach Me!

Coach Me!

Would You Like To:

Coaching can help by providing you the space needed to fire up your creative thinking.  You will find that in this space, your challenges and barriers don’t seem as daunting – you can find your way around, over, or under the hurdles you’ve been facing!

Download and read the Coaching Agreement to learn more about coaching expectations and then take the next step and book an Introduction to Coaching session (a free 45 minute discovery session or phone call).

I love meeting my clients face to face!  If you are in or near Cortland County, NY we can meet in my downtown office.

Farther away?  No worries. Coaching is just as effective over the phone.  Please note, however, you must commit to this pre-scheduled time just as you would a face-to-face appointment.

During your Introduction to Coaching meeting we will discuss expectations, time commitment and payment options.  I will take the time to answer any of your remaining questions.

Learn about pricing & commitment.

Learn what my clients have said about their coaching experience.

A Typical Coaching Session:

  • 30 – 60 minutes dedicated to focused coaching
  • Developing your wellness vision
  • Creating a positive mindset
  • Discovering and building your strengths
  • Goal or action step review
  • Exploration of session topic
  • Brainstorming, action planning
  • Visioning
  • Goal defining
  • Addressing challenges
  • Wrap up and scheduling
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