I’m Tracy J Frenyea, a certified therapeutic recreation specialist (CTRS) and certified health & wellness coach (CHWC). I can help you create greater well-being, optimized health, and the highest quality of life possible – get ready to SHINE & THRIVE!

How can I do this? Who do I help?  Read on…

I specialize in working with people who are:

  • ready to make changes in their health and wellness
  • tired of feeling bored, tired, restless, and unheard
  • looking for a non-judgmental environment to explore big ideas
  • affected by a chronic disease or condition
  • struggling to cope with stress or an unbalanced life
  • ready to create a healthy & satisfying leisure lifestyle in retirement
  • on the brink of greatness, just like you!

I work with you through:

InnerVision Wellness LLC Vision:
A healthy, happy you!

InnerVision Wellness LLC Mission:
Assisting you in creating and achieving a vision for your life that includes optimal health, well-being, quality of life, and a satisfying leisure lifestyle.

InnerVision Wellness LLC Values:
• Appreciation of leisure as a transformative process
• Growth mind-sets
• Honesty
• Humor
• Intrinsic motivation
• Non-judgment
• Self-determination, Self-efficacy, and Strengths
• Spirituality and mindfulness
• Well-being in all its forms and nuances
• Efficacy through evidence-based practices
• Confidentiality and privacy

InnerVision Wellness LLC Impact Statement:
My clients at InnerVision Wellness LLC will take part in experiences that are top-quality from the very first day.

You will become involved in a highly personalized approach to therapeutic recreation and health and wellness coaching. Participating in any program will lead to high levels of health and wellness across all well-being domains (leisure, physical, psychological/emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual).

Through each class, designed specifically to enhance quality of life, you will find the self-confidence and determination to reach your goals and aspirations. You will create your own InnerVision and pursue it in a healthy, safe, nonjudgmental, and enjoyable environment. You will learn the skills and knowledge needed to assist you in continuing to live a life in alignment with your values and ambitions.

Want to learn more about me? Check out my bio.

I’m working hard to create therapeutic leisure programs for you.
Details will be available shortly on each page.

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