About InnerVision Wellness

I believe creating a personal vision is one of the most powerful things one can do.  Having an InnerVision promotes potential and all positive things you want from life.  A powerful vision focused on any domain of well-being can help propel you forward into a life you love.

Eight Domains of Well-being

I was inspired to create my business based on my own InnerVision to help you create greater well-being, in whatever domain you choose.

We will work together to improve your well-being often results in better health, positive relationships, finding a purpose, clarity, and developing a sense of security.

All of which lead to optimal conditions for a life of immeasurable wellness!

How I Help You

I work with you using evidence-based modalities:

Vision, Mission & Values

A healthy, happy you!

Assisting you in creating and achieving a vision for your life that includes optimal health, well-being, quality of life, and a satisfying leisure lifestyle.

• Appreciation of leisure as a transformative process
• Growth mind-sets
• Honesty
• Humor
• Intrinsic motivation
• Non-judgment
• Self-determination, Self-efficacy, and Strengths
• Spirituality and mindfulness
• Well-being in all its forms and nuances
• Efficacy through evidence-based practices
• Confidentiality and privacy