About InnerVision Wellness LLC

I believe creating a personal vision is one of the most powerful things one can do.  Having an InnerVision promotes potential and all positive things you want from life.  A powerful vision focused on any domain of well-being can help propel you forward into a life you love.

Eight Domains of Well-being

I created InnerVision Wellness LLC based on my own InnerVision to help you create greater well-being, in whatever domain you choose.

We will work together to improve your well-being often results in better health, positive relationships, finding a purpose, clarity, and developing a sense of security.

All of which lead to optimal conditions for a life of immeasurable wellness!

How I Help You

I work with you using evidence-based modalities:

Vision, Mission & Values

A healthy, happy you!

Assisting you in creating and achieving a vision for your life that includes optimal health, well-being, quality of life, and a satisfying leisure lifestyle.

• Appreciation of leisure as a transformative process
• Growth mind-sets
• Honesty
• Humor
• Intrinsic motivation
• Non-judgment
• Self-determination, Self-efficacy, and Strengths
• Spirituality and mindfulness
• Well-being in all its forms and nuances
• Efficacy through evidence-based practices
• Confidentiality and privacy

Future Projects

Read a little bit about what I’m working on…

A 6-week proram for individuals who may be facing the transition to retirement with a little trepidation, or with a lot of enthusiasm, or both! Learn more.

A 12-week membership program for individuals with chronic disease, obesity, poor self-image, or other condition. Learn more.

A 12-week membership program designed to improve the lives of individuals experiencing undue amounts of stress or imbalance in life – whether derived from work, relationships, current coping skills, or cognitive distortions. Learn more.

Starting with RetireEase! courses will be membership based and include activities, video lessons, private Facebook groups, and more! Watch for the Course Portal coming in 2021!